• Moira

The present kinda sucks, and the future looks dim

The love of life should not be limited based on race, gender, sexuality, etc. Why do we as human beings put so much stock into labels and stereotypes? We all live and breathe just to die, becoming food for the earth around us (one far too powerful to let us turn her to ruin, as seen by 2020).

Our lives are short and the human race is temporary. One day we will die out, only to be taken over by another people who think of us as savages and heretics, like we do those before us. By then, who will care about black or white, straight or gay, Christian or Muslim? Why do we not just skip to the end, skip all the violence and get to the peace? Why not just let people take the form they choose to take and accept them as they come?

When the great and expansive human race, who let our Curiosity and Spirit into the stars, who built great structures to be seen from space, who keep surviving and creating and thriving beyond past generations’ beliefs of the possible, die by our own hand, through disease, war, or our Mother Nature getting tired of cleaning up our messes for us, what will those future peoples think? When they see how we treated each other and our home, will they see our great imagination? Or will they just see the heretics, the savages, the powerful that used our ingenuity to bring our own destruction?

This is my political stance: accept and love your fellow human beings. We’re all the same mushy gray lumps of brain inside.

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