• Moira

Shapeshifting Part II

A list of ways to make a living being a shapeshifter:

- Be the agent for all of the best behaved animals trained for television. Be the animals.

- Be a model; change your appearance to suit whatever look is needed.

- Shift into a wishing well.

- Go wherever the current events are and keep a diary. Sell it a century later as a primary source of information to historians.

- Be a butterfly.

- Shape-shift so you have magic, magic yourself a Mary Poppins bag, ask to see the banks' safety deposit boxes disguised as a patron, shift your fingers into the keys needed when alone, rob the safety deposit boxes.

- Be a cat; get adopted.

- Be a stage magician or daredevil who does death-defying tricks.

- Write your memoirs. Sell them as historical fiction.

- Marry rich. Kill your husband. Inherit. Shape-shift. Repeat.



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