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If I had one superpower, it would be shape-shifting. I think it's probably the least attention-attracting power, as you could literally turn into anything at any moment and avoid all suspicion.

Mainly, I want to fly, but with just flying, you'd have to fly as a person, which would be unwieldy and very suspicious.

"Look at that large, featherless bird!"

"That's a plane, dude."

"That's a person!"

And suddenly, you've got everyone's attention and probably the government knocking on your door, asking all sorts of personal questions and wanting to do all sorts of very personal tests.

If you could just shape-shift into a bird, there'd be no attention and no questions.

Also, you could just have any superpower anyways. You'd literally have control over your dna, which is presumably where your powers come from. Want magic? Bam. Now you've got it. How about the ability to refill anything? Wasn't this page empty a moment ago?

Not to mention, you'd be practically immortal. Even if you didn't want to shift, you could live for eons as the same body, just never let yourself age. If you get hurt, you could just shift into something else. Even if your wound followed you, just turn into a cloud. Clouds can't get hurt. Then change back. Bam! Life hack. And sure, it could be all boo-hoo lonely hours forever, or you could strive to not be Edward Cullen, who wasted his immortal life away being sad and stalking underage girls. Live it up! Party! Make new friends of everyone. Learn everything.

You could be anyone or anything. Blend in or stand out. Dye your hair any color. Never wear glasses again. Or do. Be Abraham Lincoln. Be BABEraham Lincoln. Be ten feet tall or the size of an ant. Be an ant. Be the black cat on Halloween. BE A DINOSAUR. Shamble around as a shapeless mass. Become your own cryptid. Want to be a pair of jeans? It's in your genes.

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