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Kids are so weird. They don’t fit into reality.

Where do they get their language? Because it’s all “duhs” and “goos” until one day they can speak coherently. All of a sudden, they just know words. Yes, ones like “mommy” and “daddy” and “nuclear disarmament” are taught, but other words just sort of pop up. And once they start talking? They’re like vacuums, always sucking up new words and information! Maybe that’s where the weird words come from.

Their capacity to understand and adapt their language is amazing too. They learn an “-ed” makes a present tense verb past tense, and they own the world. You have feeded them all they need to know about language. From here, they evolve to master the unmasterable (that’s not a word, just the only word that fits) English language. Maybe language is coded into our brains, but that’s so deep into the black box of psychology it might as well be philosophy. I wish them all good luck. I’m going to college just for a chance at it.

Their imaginations are incredible as well. Imaginary friends are a popular phenomenon between children, and weird little games no one really talks about, like the one where you imagine a creature following you, but it has rules, like it can only walk on fences or phone lines, or it has to jump between light poles. They can imagine anything. Where does all that go when we “grow up”?

Just some food for thought. Kids are super weird.

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