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Finals are stressful. You sit in a classroom for three months, learning things or not, and then it all culminates into some final project or test, and you must pass some socially and academically acceptable bar to get credit for those classes. If you don’t, you could have to retake the class, or worse, like lose scholarship money or have to drop out.

There are people not eating, sleeping, or taking care of themselves all around you, most likely including you, because of their stress level. Or maybe they’re eating and sleeping too much. Some people react to stress by speeding up, by getting anxious and being everywhere at once. Some people slow down, mellowing to the point of some unfazed chill. They’ll all get done in the end. Probably.

This is where caffeine comes into play. It gives those that are moving too fast just enough focus to slow down and work. It gives those moving too slow just enough pick-me-up to do anything. It wakes us up. It drives us. It helps us with those horrible all-nighters we won’t admit we’ve already started. It will make us crash when the week is through.

The library is packed. The writing center is booked with essays due too soon. The convenience store is empty from all the students with unused swipes. Everything is closing early, making energy drinks from the convenience store and those with a coffee maker are our saving graces. You’ve never seen so many kids order food so close to midnight, squeezing an order in just before the kitchen closes. You’ve never seen so many kids look so dead tired, even before finals week starts. We’re all just waiting for break, dragging ourselves from desks we fell asleep at and making jokes about dying (if it happens in the dorm, our roommates get free tuition; if it happens in class, everyone passes). You’ve never seen so many eyes drift in consideration before laughing.

Now that this is done, I’m going to write a fifteen-page paper, a six-page research paper, a three-page book report, and six other papers of undetermined length, revise a ten-page research paper, and go through three power points of notes.

Finals are stressful.

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