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Cultural Crossdressing

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

What if everyone wore whatever they wanted, from whatever time period, all the time? Like, picture the scene: There are women in full corsets and bustles grabbing an Uber to go to work. Thereʼs a man in a dress of hand-painted silk and the man next to him is in a traditional kimono, walking across the street to grab some Cajun. One man says to another over beignets and tea that they must get to the seamstress for their eighteenth century woolen suits if they want them by winter. A schoolgirl compares pleats with a Scotsman in a traditional kilt. There are cliques formed by time period. The girls in poodle skirts, skates, and greaser jackets glare across the cafeteria at the ones in 20ʼs suits and fabulous flapper dresses, who absolutely refuse to speak with those in neon leg warmers with *gag* scrunchies in their teased hair. Hipsters protest class-based fashion history by wearing dresses made of potato sacks and worn jeans. Their clothes are simple, and probably perfectly tea- stained for an aged effect, but theyʼll tell you itʼs natural from age. There are purists who scoff at those crossing centuries in a single outfit, wearing a silk corset over a Panic! t- shirt, accented by leather boots and pantaloons. This is my dream.

If this speaks to you in any way, Iʼd suggest checking out KendraSewFine because my mom can do it all. (Except the hand-painted silk dress. She laughed at me.)

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