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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

How old does something have to be to be considered “classic”? My English teacher says the writer has to be dead. So, if I went back in time a hundred years or so and wrote a book, dropped it off and simply disappeared, would I be classic? Would I be loved and appreciated as an example of the time or would I be forgotten? After all, classics are simply what we remember from the time period. Jane Austin may be a classic, but she was writing non- Romantic novels in a “Romantic period,” so she isn’t taught in schools. Will she be forgotten before Percy Shelley? We forget people did other things. We as humans like neat categories. The 60’s were the start of the counterculture. The 70’s were psychedelic, man. The 80’s were classic rock. The 90’s were all about the grunge. Imagine in fifty years, being forgotten because you didn’t fit what historians called this period of time. Imagine being drowned out by something that got just a little bit more media coverage. What would they even refer to us as?

- The Time of Vine. (Oops, that died. Sorry if that triggered anyone.)

- The Dystopian Period. (Except for all those books that aren’t.)

- Young Adult Reigns Supreme. (Too bad nobody’ll acknowledge it.)

- The Kids Aren’t Alright. (Finally, someone noticed.)

- The Time We Finally Started Acknowledging Works Besides “Boring” as Literary (Was that

a little mean? Maybe. Was it true? Not yet.)

- Never Gonna Give You Up. (Ha. Got you.)

- Youtube, Brute? (This is less a suggestion and more a pun I couldn’t wait to make.)

- The Time of the Strong Female Lead.

- I Don’t Like Mondays. (Not the song.)

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