Wardrobe Therapy

How do I get started?

1. Book an appointment 

2. We go through your closet together and decide what works, what goes and what should be altered

3. I take away the clutter and bring you back fitted, personalized clothes and you enjoy your amazing, peaceful new space!

What is included?

- You can schedule a full or half day of one-on-one guidance.

- Full day includes 16 alterations, Half day includes 9 alterations.

- I'll take your donations to local charities or a charity of your choice.

- Have items that you want to resell?  I will take care of that too!  I partner with several local shops and will sell your items for you. 

- Organization of your closet!  I won't leave you with a mess.  We will set up a space that is usable and lovely based on your needs.

The other stuff

Alterations will be returned at a time we schedule during your wardrobe therapy.  We will place them in your lovely, organized wardrobe together so it stays perfect!

Any money received from the resale of your items is yours minus a service fee. 

You may order additional alterations and custom work at any time.  Please see pricing under "Alterations"

We are available for any questions concerning this service.  Please call or email and we will answer your questions in a timely manner.

Price:  Full day service $1600 includes wardrobe organization, fittings, 16                                alterations and I take care of your donations/consignment items.

                Half day service $900 includes wardrobe organization, fittings, 9                                    alterations and I  take care of your donations/consignment items. 

Custom Design Consultation

How do I get started?

1. Book an appointment 

2. Go on Pinterest or Etsy or wherever you get ideas from and send me all your thoughts!  You don't need to design it alone.  We will create something perfect together.

3.Come in for your consultation and let me guide you to your new, custom design.

What is included?

- You don't need to be creative!  You just want to be unique.  I'll design something based on what you want!

- You'll be measured for a custom fit after we decide on your design.

- You have up to 3 fittings in which we make certain it is perfect.  Don't worry, most people only need the final fitting, but it's there in case you want/need it!

- Take home a custom design that no one else in the world will have. It's pretty simple.

The other stuff

Once we decide on a design, we will discuss price.  Half is due before work begins and the second half when your design is perfect.  As the first half is price of materials, it is non-refundable.

You will have up to 3 fittings. Extra fittings are subject to additional charges.

Pickup must be done within two weeks of scheduled completion date.

Price: Prices vary based on fabric, item being made and complexity of your item.  The following is a very broad estimate to give you and idea of what to expect.

  Suits: $1200-2700

  Dresses $200-800

  Wedding dresses $1000 and up

  Slacks $100-200

  Blouses/Shirts $80-150