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Custom Designs

Creating a high-end custom-designed dress involves meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Here's the detailed process we follow:


Initial Consultation: The designer meets with the client to discuss their vision  and any specific requirements. They will also discuss budget, timeline, and fabric options. Understanding the client's desires and needs is crucial for creating a dress that exceeds expectations. The designer will take the client's measurements to ensure a perfect fit.  


Design Sketches and Concept: Based on the consultation, the designer creates preliminary sketches or digital renderings of the dress design. 

Fittings: During the initial garment fitting, we'll create a "mark-up" of your design using muslin or cotton fabric. This step ensures an impeccable fit and allows you to assess the design lines before proceeding with the final garment in your chosen fabric.

At the second fitting, you'll try on a garment made from your fabric. Here, we'll make all necessary adjustments and modifications. Additional fittings may be required before reaching the final fitting stage.

Finishing Touches: Once the dress is constructed, meticulous attention is paid to the finishing touches. Hems are carefully stitched, seams are reinforced, and any final adjustments are made to ensure the dress fits perfectly.

Delivery and Presentation: Once all alterations are completed, the dress is carefully pressed and prepared for delivery or pickup. The designer will provide guidance on how to care for the dress to maintain its pristine condition.


Throughout the entire process, clear communication, collaboration, and attention to detail are essential to create a high-end custom-designed dress that reflects the client's style, personality, and unique vision.

The cost for a custom designed garment begins at $500.  This is the shop minimum, not the standard price.

Custom-designed garments involve skilled labor and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is individually tailored to the client's measurements and preferences, requiring more time and expertise than mass production. Highly trained seamstresses, pattern makers, and designers are involved in the process, contributing to the higher cost.


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