Wardrobe Therapy

The fashion industry doesn't make clothes to fit real people.  That doesn't mean you should be embarrassed about the state of your closet.  You shouldn't have to be a celebrity to have a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe.  

I know what it feels like to be so overwhelmed by the mess in your closet that you'd rather buy something new than see if that one outfit still fits right.

How do I get started?

1. Book an appointment 

2. We go through your closet together and decide what works, what goes and what should be altered

3. I take away the clutter and bring you back fitted, personalized clothes and you enjoy your amazing, peaceful new space!

Don't stay stuck in the frustrating cycle you're in now. 

Stop wasting time and energy every morning looking through your clothes for something to wear.

We promise to help you set up a maintainable and stress-free system for your wardrobe. Everything in your closet will fit like it was made for you (because it will be), meaning you can spend less time searching for something to wear and more time looking gorgeous. It'll be like the old mess never existed.

Custom Design

Have an idea for a unique vintage style dress?  Want to remake your mother's wedding dress into your own?  Or maybe you don't know what to do with that bridesmaid dress that you'll never wear again.

Clear out the clutter! Bring me your dresses you can't ever be seen in (ahem bridesmaids dress) or ideas for your unique style and we will create those unique pieces just for you.

Schedule your appointment today and finally have clothing that you love.

Alteration Services

You know you have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear but adore.


Gain the Covid 19lbs?


Realize everything is built for a hanger and not a human?  


Tired of supporting the fast fashion industry and their trash clothing and environmental waste?

Instead of tossing clothes that do not fit, let me alter them so they fit you the way you imagine they should.  You should feel amazing in your clothing and it is within your reach.  

Schedule your appointment today and reclaim your clothing.  You get to save a little bit of the planet and look very good doing it.