As I worked with people, I realized this was so much more than wardrobe help.  I was helping in a far more fundamental way.  Our clothes and style speak to WHO WE ARE.  And our closets tend to be a little secret doorway into our mind and life in any one moment.  So  I refined and decided to get my Masters in psychology.  My goal is to begin at the heart of people's image of themselves.  And from there we can begin to build the person they truly are created to be.  


I am a single mom of two amazing kids.  My grandma taught me to sew very young, but I never used it until I quit a pretty toxic job and had no backup, no plan.  People kept asking me to do alterations or make something for them, and so I did.  And then more asked.  Soon enough, it was full time.

One day, after months of asking how I can serve my clients better, I was gifted with the idea of aligning organization and our wardrobe and therapy.  It came in a jarring flash.  While I have refined and amended the original idea, it still stands:  I am here to help people feel amazing and I can do that by starting with their clothes and their closet.   I get to help the environment a little each time too.  Where do people spend way too much time?  Sorting through a mess of clothes that never really fit right and never well... It's a frustrating cycle. 

Let's increase awareness about