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Kendra Sew Fine

Wardrobe therapy


Clothes Hangers

Wardrobe Therapy

Tired of your partner telling you to clean your closet and get rid of "all this stuff"?  

Do you feel overwhelmed just looking at the chaos and trying to decide what you're going to wear today? Nothing fits right anyway!


Let me guide you through your closet, piece by piece. Together, we will create an organized and sustainable system.



Have an idea for a unique vintage style dress?  


Want to remake your mother's wedding dress into your own?  


Or maybe you don't know what to do with that bridesmaid dress that you'll never wear again.

You can have a unique wardrobe created just for you.

Schedule an appointment to begin your journey.




Gain the Covid 19lbs?

Realize that fast fashion looks good on nothing but a hanger?

Instead of tossing your clothes and buying more stuff you know won't fit right anyway, let's alter what you have! 

Schedule your appointment today and reclaim your clothing.  You get to save a little bit of the planet and look very good doing it.

One-of-a-kind products

Irvington, Indianapolis, IN 46219


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