Welcome to Kendra Sew Fine

Mission and value statement

Why: To make the world better socially and environmentally through form and beauty.


Our Vision: We envision a world in which fashion promotes people to feel exquisite, builds up and protects women and children, and is environmentally sourced.


What is unique? 

Most of our clothing is made from upcycled materials.  We purchase or salvage high-quality

remnants for most of our clothing.  This makes your clothing incredibly unique.  It also makes a huge impact on the environment!  


A Bit About Us


Kendra: This is my passion-driven business that I’ve finally decided to build after a long time spent pursuing what makes a lot of other people happy—you know, stability. Seriously though, Kendra Sew Fine has been in the works for a very long time now, and I’ve finally hit the point where my zeal took over my sensibility.  

I’ve got two kids, and by that I mean one 18-year-old who’s actually 40 and a 11-year-old that becomes possessed by a demon at one o’clock in the morning.  They both help me in this endeavor.  The youngest is a model and a realist - she tells me how uncool I am all the time.  My oldest is a model and writes the blog, which updates *mostly* weekly and has very little to do with fashion. 


Megan: I love to bring order to things and springboard ideas into reality. Kendra Sew Fine has that unique and meaningful big vision and mission that people always search for, and that I personally can't wait to see realized over and above what we originally put down on paper. Plus, I love wearing pretty things and looking like a princess. Seriously, who wouldn't want to play dress up for a living?

I hail from corporate America and am a part-time writer working on her first novel.  I will forever be grateful to Kendra for teaching me the ropes around custom clothing, and always encouraging my creativity.

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Upcoming Events

Tue, Oct 20
Neidhammer Events Center
Advanced Beginner
Just like the name implies, you know more than nothing, but still can't make more than a square. This class is for you
Tue, Oct 20
Neidhammer Events Center
Basic Beginner sewing lessons
Learn to sew!
Tue, Oct 13
Ash & Elm Cider Company
Spooky Crafts at Ash and Elm
We will make these cute ghosts together and enjoy delicious cider and food from Ash and Elm
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