Women everywhere walk into overcrowded closets and feel like they have nothing to wear.  I help the busy woman have a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe that showcases her best self.


Clothes Hangers

Wardrobe Therapy

Tired of walking into your closet and feeling inadequate?  It's not you,  it's the clothes!


Schedule an appointment and we will create an organized system and make sure all your clothing fits you perfectly. No more wasted time or clothes that don't make you feel incredible.  



Have an idea for a unique vintage style dress?  


Want to remake your mother's wedding dress into your own?  

You can have a unique wardrobe created just for you.




Instead of tossing your clothes and buying more stuff you know won't fit right anyway, let's alter what you have! 

Schedule your appointment today and reclaim your clothing.  You get to save a little bit of the planet and look very good doing it.




Do it! It’s worth it. Kendra is nonjudgmental and helps you get your closet (and consequently, life) back together. Having her help in the process, made me see the possibilities of what our closet could actually hold.



Our closet still looks good! It’s amazing how much easier it is for us to stay on top of doing laundry and putting clothes away. We’re also doing less laundry now because we don’t have to question if something is clean/dirty.



Sure, we could’ve done it on our own. But my husband and I didn’t really know how to face our problem head on without help. It would have taken us days, energy, and we would’ve had countless arguments because the mess brought out the worst in us. Instead, we got it done in a day and Kendra even made it an enjoyable process.

Irvington, Indianapolis, IN 46219

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Custom designed clothing

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